Team FSE

Welcome to TEAM FSE!!  
This page is for anyone that would like to feel apart of the adventure. Obviously traveling around on your own dime is very taxing on the bank account. Yes it’s my decision to make my dream come true. NO one is ever obligated or should feel that they need to become part of Team FSE. But what this will do is help bring better content and quality videos.
As you can see below goes from Platinum to Bronze with different prizes. Your name will appear according to the level achieved on here. Unless you want to stay anonymous, just let me know.
No donation is to small. I truly appreciate all those that want to be apart of TEAM FSE.

Contribution of $1000+. I will come to your city. We will make an episode of FSE together on one of the restaurants in the area. If there’s isn’t one we will go review your choice of restaurant.  You are more then welcome to invite a guest to join in on the fun!



  Contribution $500-$999.  Signed autograph picture. Special thank you during one of the shows . Also will receive tee shirt from the FSE Shop





Contributions $250-$499. You will receive your choice of a tee shirt from the FSE shop also the Bronze Reward







Contributions $99 to $249. You will receive a mug from the FSE shop store.