I’ve always thought Bio’s were a little over rated.  Really what is it that people want to know?  Well, let’s see.  I was born and raised in Oregon. I like long walks on the beach and I’m a Cancer.  Getting bored yet?  I thought so.  Here’s the cliff notes.  During my business career I have traveled coast to coast and back again.  I have tried cuisines from the plain and ordinary, to the extreme, that even Andrew Zimmern would be proud of.

I’m not going to tell you I’m a chef, writer or cuisine expert.  What I am is a regular guy who has been living off restaurant food for the past 15 years.  Mostly due to the fact I have been living out of hotels.  But I won’t lie.  I am not nor would I say I’m a good cook.  At the same time I haven’t set fire to anything, but I could see that happening.  While traveling from coast to coast I have had the privilege of trying all different types of cuisine’s at that prestigious 5* rating to food trucks (where I have gotten better meals at times).  The one thing is I never say no to a new experience.

I started watching Food Shows a few years ago.  Seeing all these incredible meals that made my mouth water.  Then I thought to myself.  Really, how good is that food?  Would I get the same meal if I ate there?  After making a special trip to a restaurant featured on Diners Drive-inn’s and Dives I got one answer. . .  No.  It wasn’t anything like what was portrayed on Network TV.  It was a disheartening feeling, but then I thought.  They can’t all be like that, right?  This is where the idea for FOOD SHOWS EXPOSED came into play.