Charleston Candy Kitchen – Charleston, SC

Caramel Apple
Food Networks Alex Guarnaschelli says her favorite thing on a stick is from Charleston’s Candy Kitchen. What makes this caramel apple so great? Will I get a rotten apple and have to throw this into the Doggy Bag or will this get the stamp of approval while being a Real Meal?
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Garbo’s Grill – Umami Burger – Key West, FL

Umami Burger
Food Networks Guy Fieri checks out Garbo’s Grill Umami Burger with a Chipotle Gouda Cheese that really takes it to the next level. Will Garbo’s Grill deliver on the goods or will this Umami Burger have to go into a Doggy Bag?

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Jack’s Cosmic Dog – Mt Pleasant, SC

Slaw Dog
Food Networks Alton Brown goes back to his childhood when eating this Slaw Dog from Jack’s Cosmic Dog. Will I get the same kind of nostalgic feeling and declare this a Real Meal? Or will I have to throw another into the Doggy Bag?
See why this Slaw Dog brings back childhood memories for Alton Brown

Crawfish and Noodle – Houston, TX

Crawfish in a bowl.
Andrew Zimmern visits Crawfish and Noodle to get the freshest Crawfish you can ask for. Can this Vietnamese restaurant beat some of the Crawfish I’ve had down in the South? Will this even be a Real Meal or will I get another Doggy Bag? This will be a video you wont soon forget.

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Bun ‘N’ Barrel – San Antonio, TX

Brisket Sandwich
Guy stops at Bun ‘N’ Barrel to get their Brisket Sandwich. Which has been service up there BBQ classics for over 60 years! With that reputation there’s no way I would get a Doggy Bag meal right? Come find out.

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Alpine Steakhouse – Sarasota, FL

Turducken is on the menu! Guy not only featured this on Triple D, but then added it to The Best Thing I Ever Ate. Can this replace the traditional turkey for me on Thanksgiving? Come check out my first experience of the triple decker of the all mighty bird.

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Garbo’s Grill – Key West, FL

Korean BBQ Tacos
Guy chows down on the Korean BBQ Taco which has a great caramelization to the meat, almost border line burnt. Did Garbo’s Grill go to far and burn mine? Was it a Real Meal or just another one that I put into the Doggy Bag? Come find out!

Check to see how Guy liked his Korean Barbecue Tacos.

LuLu’s Bakery – San Antonio, TX

Ginormous Cinnamon Roll
At LuLu’s Bakery Adam Richman falls in love with this cinnamon roll. Adam mentions on how light and fluffy it is. What kind of cinnamon roll will I receive? Will I fall in love with it also or will I be grabbing a Doggy Bag.

Check out Adams reaction to the huge cinnamon roll.