LuLu’s Bakery – San Antonio, TX

Ginormous Cinnamon Roll
At LuLu’s Bakery Adam Richman falls in love with this cinnamon roll. Adam mentions on how light and fluffy it is. What kind of cinnamon roll will I receive? Will I fall in love with it also or will I be grabbing a Doggy Bag.

Check out Adams reaction to the huge cinnamon roll.

Zunzi’s – Savannah, GA

Conquistador Sandwich
Adam Richman fell in love with the Conquistador sandwich at Zunzi’s down in Savannah, GA. Which has one crazy matto that will leave you speechless. But will the conquistador do that for me and make it a The Real Meal. Or will I be throwing it into a doggy bag?

Check out Adam Richman expression when he gets a taste of this delicious sandwich.