Crawfish and Noodle – Houston, TX

Crawfish in a bowl.
Andrew Zimmern visits Crawfish and Noodle to get the freshest Crawfish you can ask for. Can this Vietnamese restaurant beat some of the Crawfish I’ve had down in the South? Will this even be a Real Meal or will I get another Doggy Bag? This will be a video you wont soon forget.

Check out Andrew Zimmern experience while traveling through Houston TX.

LuLu’s Bakery – San Antonio, TX

Ginormous Cinnamon Roll
At LuLu’s Bakery Adam Richman falls in love with this cinnamon roll. Adam mentions on how light and fluffy it is. What kind of cinnamon roll will I receive? Will I fall in love with it also or will I be grabbing a Doggy Bag.

Check out Adams reaction to the huge cinnamon roll.

Willie Mae’s – New Orleans, LA

Fried Chicken
From the Food Network, Travel Channel and pretty much every blogger out there has covered this iconic spot. It has been called the “Best Fried Chicken in America”. What kind of meal will I get? Will it live up to the expectation set by so many? The question will be is it a Real Meal or just one for the doggy bag?

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Gilhooley’s Oyster Bar – San Leon, TX

Oyster Gilhooley
I took a trip to Gilhooley’s oyster bar out in San Leon TX. Where Andrew Zimmern called it “the ultimate seafood dive bar in america”. That’s quite the statement to make. The question will be does it live up to the hype or will it be going into a doggy bag.

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